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Those of you who have visited MUSIC MUSCLE before may be aware that I have a certain fondness for the music of Maria Daines - click here for a review of 'Thanks for Nothing', an album which Maria brought out early on in her career.  Maria's versatile voice instinctively moulds to the many moods of her music.  Anyone who has heard her perform will of course already know this.  Maria works in collaboration with Paul Killington.  Performing live is on hold whilst they put the finishing touches to two albums, one, a rock/country, and the other a blues album (titles to follow). 

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If you have not yet had the good fortune to hear Maria, this could be your chance - having been extremely busy in the recording studio, these albums will be available very soon (watch this space for further details).  Click on the Sample Downloads link below for some preview audio clips.  If you want to know what I think of the songs, click on the Reviews link below.

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Here's what Paul has to say about Maria:

As long time guitarist, co-writer and soul-mate with Maria, I guess I'm the one who knows her best artistically and personally.  I was always impressed by the gut-wrenching intensity of her singing style, and her emotive intuition has spilled over into her writing, the scale of which inevitably forced us to come off the road as a band and throw ourselves into recording.

Once the sessions began, her endless stream of consciousness and ideas was quite staggering and her grasp of melody and lyrics astounding.  In fact, as far as I'm concerned, as a lyricist she's second to none.

For me as a guitarist, she's a dream to work with and the power and emotion of her voice is the icing on the cake.  We were thinking of putting out a double CD, but the fact is we've already written enough material for twenty albums!

I sincerely hope the soul of these songs moves you as it did us.  Incidentally, Maria is spoilt, bossy and selfish (she was once caught eating chocolates behind the cupboard door after telling everyone they'd all gone, and the boys in the band used to call her 'The General'.  We made sure we looked busy when we heard her footsteps coming up the stairs of the rehearsal room).  But I love her just the same.

- Paul

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Well, all that there remains for me to do is to wish Maria and Paul the best of luck with their new songs.  Already their music is attracting the attention of UK record labels, and it may only be a matter of time before their full potential is recognised by the international music business.

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